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Do what you came here to do – and do it now  –  Live a meaningfull life


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Coaching by dossmann

the place of power coaching & personal blueprints,
for creative, artistic and visionaries 

Power Coaching

Mindset, Money-Matrix and Life Purpose

Art Coaching

Self-expression, Self-esteem and Creative visions

Youth Coaching

It is your life – don’t follow the rules – be you!

Coach & astrologer

Sharp, deep, intense and transforming coaching

I listen to your dreams. I look into your astrological blueprint and then I encourage you to dream even bigger.
By remembering your dreams and gaining clarity about your potential, it is so much easier to create a meaningful and successful life .

On the journey, from your first insight and till you have made your dreams come through, I coach you to release old useless emotional patterns, to ‘update’ your mindset, sharpening your values and making personal leadership fun and easy – by deep intense coaching conversations that will transform your life.

Remember, that the same mindset that brought you here, is actually blocking you for the expansion that can take your life, carrier and artistic and visionary dreams to the next successful level.

Three different ways

The choice is yours


1.5 hours of intense coaching based
on your personal astrological blueprint

“Who am I”
Most important question


Diving deep into your
personality, holdbacks and


Price 2.500 kr

Deep personal
insight coaching

5 x 1.5 hours of coaching
within 30 days

Free pre-coaching conversation
& Email support


For all people in transition:
Professionally, personally
and privately


Price 9.000 kr


10 x power coaching + free online contact
within 90 days

Free pre-coaching conversation
& Email support


Making dreams come through for
courageous, creative and artistic


Price 24.000 kr

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