How i became a life coach

The story about your personal power coach – Calvin Dossmann

Both in elementary school and high school I was asked to take a stand on what I wanted to be.
Would be?
What I was actually asked was what job I wanted and where in the world I would like to fit in.

No one asked me who I was, what made me happy, what I was interested in and what I dreamt about. Nor how I would like to live my life or make a difference for others.
Today I am the same person as then – I have just lived longer.
I am used to life and have found the place where I have the easiest time being myself and can make the most of who I am.

It’s not just a job – I’m living a life – my life!

I practice as a coach focussing on inspiring people to have a strong, personal leadership and using their lives optimally, both in their private lives and in their careers.

My coaching is based on what psychology calls the phenomenological method – what is current and important here and now – with a foot in both your outer and inner reality and existence.

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Helping you create a life you love


Learning experience


Already as a child, I experienced that I differed from the rest of the family. They were lovely, but they were not able to see, sense, feel and understand the same as me.
This created a mixture of an inner quest and a loneliness in the midst of my otherwise safe and successful childhood and youth.


Since my childhood, I have been interested in the meaning of life. I have read existential literature since I was 14 years old, and it has since developed into a lifelong curiosity in philosophy, religions, existence and psychology.


It has led to education in pedagogy, astrology, and family and psychotherapy.


In terms of work, it has provided me with access to jobs of many different kinds, all related to coaching:

1000s of conversations
as self-employed coach, astrologer and mentor

Booster Universe (Mediahouse)
Editor, studio host and coach in media house with video and podcast production

Inclusions coordinator and mentor
Copenhagen municipality

SSP Coordinator, Project Manager, Substance, youth and family advisor
Tårnby municipality

School Coach
Frederiksberg Municipality

Writer and Editor
as an astrologer for the search engine ‘Jubii’ and the youth magazines ‘Chili’ and ‘Frikvarteret’

National Patient Advisor
The National Hospital’s protected psychiatric ward

Lots of lectures/workshops
as self-employed coach, astrologer and mentor

Stress coach
at Nets, Ballerup

Advisor, consultant, lecturer
(125 lectures) Børns Vilkår

Teacher (meditation) and visiting service
State prison, Vestre Fængsel, open and isolation ward

Pedagogue/Dept. leader
Afterschool care, Copenhagen Municipality

Youth pension, Frederiksberg municipality

Coaching by dossmann

Sharp mental power coaching

You simply need to work on your great mindset and expand to make it even greater.

Because the same mindset that brought you here, where you are right now, is actually obstructing the expansion that can take your life, carrier and artistic and visionary dreams to the next successful level.

Working with me requires that you are ready to look inside yourself and face who and what you really are, that you take personal responsibility for what you find inside yourself and manifest the courage to express yourself fully.

My passion is to be part of your next journey in the pursue of creating and living the best life possible, based on the true foundation of who you are and who you want to be in this world.

My approach to mental coaching is eclectic, meaning that I approach coaching through my many different methods, tools and experience, matching your needs and desires, based on a holistic view of the world and human living.

My toolbox contains spirituality, philosophy, astrology and existentialism – subjects that have followed me closely throughout my life.

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