The predictive life stages

It is a well-known fact in classical psychology that life is lived through different phases of life.
These phases each have different and very important themes.

I make great use of the predictable, psychological life phases, and my clients are constantly amazed by how much information lies in these phases.

My knowledge of these phases can simply be translated into practical and concrete use in your career and your everyday personal life.

Watch the video (in Danish) here and read and hear more about the different phases of life, what they contain and how to use them as a powerful resource in your life and career.

LIfe stages



The first independence.

This is the phase where you detach yourself a little bit from the family and start standing on your own two feet.
It is important that the adults are attentive and caring at this stage of life.


The first adventure.

Here you in earnest become open to the world and curiously seek the adventure within the possible framework.
Show trust in the child so that it can establish trust and confidence in people and in life itself as an adventure.

14/15 YEARS

Independence and liberation.

This phase is again about freeing oneself from the family, creating one’s own experience, creating one’s first personal platform and seeking independence.
It is important that you have confidence in the process and allow the young to grow by making mistakes, and in that way learn that it is positive that life is based on being daring, and that mistakes only help strengthen the foundation of life.

18/19 YEARS

A whole new chapter and a new world.

This is a very important phase where you say goodbye, completely without drama, to something that was and say hello to something entirely new. Often proves to be a logical shift in the environment and consciousness.
Doors close behind you, and new ones open, easily and effortlessly.


The banner headline is now “Freedom”.

Freedom to spend your life as you please. This may entail that others feel provoked by your choices.
This is where you are open to new and different ways of living life. You explore boundaries and opportunities.
A period where you grow the most by leaving the traditional path and letting yourself be inspired.


The adventure.

Now you are seriously curious about making your world bigger, and you are motivated by joy, development and adventure. The phase where you follow your heart and enthusiasm in earnest.
Here a lot of new opportunities arise, the world opens up, and now you have to let yourself be guided by your enthusiasm and what expands your worldview.
Life is a journey and an adventure that transforms.


Moving away from home to build your own platform.

One of the crucial stages in life. It is about family, feelings and own needs. It is now that you really need to deal with the family baggage you carry with you in the suitcase of life. Some you can use, while others need to be left behind, so you can build your own emotional and family platform.
Here many consider starting a family.



Now, in a psychological sense, you have grown up and are responsible for your choices and actions. A phase where you are ready to make decisions that reach forward in time, and where you begin standing alone, but in return can begin to appear as an authority.
You throw away old authorities and start shaping your own authority.
You can advantageously choose your own new role models.


To let go.

You have now most likely created your kind of security in the physical world. But it is also now that you can feel a rumble under your feet, equivalent to a small earthquake that makes you consider whether what you have created now is based on the right platform of values and dreams. It can be a phase where it feels challenging to have to “let go”.


The great adventure.

The adventure and further development are now on the menu. You have a desire to expand your existing world into something bigger, better and more fun.
Again education, tuition, travel, adventure and the abroad are on the menu.


The big and quiet scene changes.

A karmic shift where a new door opens and another closes behind you. No doors are slammed shut. It’s just a closed chapter, and a whole new chapter in your life has begun in a calm and peaceful way.
Step in with calm and easy steps and let yourself be received into a new chapter of your life.

41/43 YEARS

The great transformation.

In these years you can expect the biggest changes in your life.
This is what my 25 years of experience in counselling has taught me supported by all psychological studies and statistics that concern time phases.
Illusions stand to fall. Your true dreams are on the agenda. A great urge to break free from your own patterns and also from parts of life you have lived until now.
A kind of adult puberty where you are not subject to the emotions as much, but this time your heart follows.
Stress and confusion characterize these years, and it is the obvious time to receive guidance.


The self-reflective independence.

Independence and taking responsibility for and with others.
You can now look at yourself from the outside and on that basis make an independent and strong decision about for what, with whom, and how you want to take responsibility.


Adventures and new horizons.

Maybe your kids are moving away from home, giving you opportunity that you have not had before.
For some, it may seem empty, no longer having to put others first and start having themselves at the centre.
The world is open to you, and you will be driven by a curiosity about knowledge, education, teaching, travel and adventure.
Think big.


To become whole – from within or from outside.

This age is the time in life where several men choose to break out of their current pattern, to begin a kind of new youth.
They discover that they have an inner emptiness, and instead of filling themselves from within, they do so from outside.
This feels great for a while, but afterwards it is my experience that many of these men are overtaken by a feeling of emptiness that for many is expressed in physical illnesses.



You have now lived two of your three earthly rounds in life, and you have tasted life in all its facets.
You now know how to handle your impulses, and you are no longer subject to your low emotional patterns and reactions.
You have reached the stage where you are going to scoop up your knowledge, insight and wisdom in what is called the last of your three active rounds in life.

This phase is the time where the native Indians consecrated the chosen men and women to become medicine men and women.
A phase where you really get access to your inner world and your intuition.


Reaching the finish line.

You have now achieved what you wanted. You reached the top of the mountain and can enjoy the view.
At this point, you look at the motives that formed the basis of your efforts, and what your path to it has taught you and given you through experience.
Some choose to say to themselves that ‘that was it’ and simply enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Others know with themselves that it is only now that the real task begins.
It is now that you really need to make use of your experience with leadership and setting and achieving a goal.

This new phase is driven by a motive that extends beyond itself, with a desire to make a difference for others and for the world.
This time it is the heart, excitement and inner joy that are the meaningful starting points for the new vision.

For some people it is a major process of transformation to no longer have to struggle, but instead let themselves be driven by the joy of serving a larger cause.

Remember that you are now a true authority and can take on the role of one who walks through the forest with calm and steady steps.






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