The dossmann model

Self-understanding – the path to personal success

Deep down you already know it 

That you are ready to begin a new chapter in life on a whole new level.
And you also know that you have dreams, visions and potential to unlock into your life and into the world.

Working with me as your coach means using your unique, personal blueprint as your compass to your inner, personal landscape and innate potential.

Before you begin working with me as your coach, you should know that the professional description of me is bold, intense, sharp, and caring.

I guarantee you clarity, direction and success – and a lot of fun as we venture unto a journey together.



It’s all about taking back
your personal and creative powers

My coaching is based on my lifelong interest in life phases, astrological blueprint-matrix and the mindset-coding.
I coach and train my clients to easily let go of old beliefs and to change and replace them with their innate, natural power to create.

My coaching is focused on leading you in the direction of your true purpose on a whole new level of living your life.
A meaningful and successful life of creation and personal leadership in both your personal and professional life.

I simply want you to employ all of your magic powers – just as i do


how you can succed by working with me

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All Coaching can be either in English or Danish


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